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Senior Care

Having to find senior care for your loved one can seem to be very stressful. No one wants to see their loved one have to leave their home, and have to live in a senior care facility. It gives a constant reminder that the person is getting older. When looking for such homes, there are questions that should be asked to ensure the safety of your loved one.

There about 15,000 senior care agencies throughout the country. Some of these senior care agencies range from home care companions, to registered nurses that assist in the needs of the person is a health care facility. The home care companions assist in cooking, cleaning, and running errands for the person. If you know someone whose family member is in the senior care program, you can consult with them or a social worker for a complete list of quality senior care agencies in your area. This way, the agency will be referred to you, and you will not be assuming that an agency is well maintained. You can also check the yellow pages for a list of home care agencies.

Recommendations are best when trying to find a senior care facility. The absolute best recommendation you can have will probably be from a geriatric care manager. A geriatric care manager is usually a nurse, psychologist, and specializes in geriatrics. Such ones can give their best knowledge about such places. When you do find a senior care agency, make sure that the agency does national criminal background checks for all of their employees. Some agencies only do state background checks. This is a caution you must look for also. Find out if the agency takes responsibility in the case a worker steals something from the patient. Make sure they also have a malpractice insurance.

Get complete details about the senior care agency. If possible, ask any questions that you or other family members may have. Having excessive details is better than not knowing any at all.

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