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Pool Care

Being in a pool on a ninety five degree day, with a nice cold glass of lemonade waiting for you inside of the house may seem like the perfect set up. Having people over for a pool party, or just to cool down seems idea. However, many forget to realize that even though all of these luxuries can happen, cleaning the pool is still a necessity. Proper pool care is highly important. Pool care should never be neglected or put off until another date. There are many important concepts to keep in mind when cleaning your pool to maintain the freshness and cleanness of the water.

Three important factors of having proper pool care are to make sure the pH balance, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness is balanced out. One will affect the other, so getting the perfect balance will mostly be trial in error. But all three need to be in the proper range all at once. Remember too, before you ever add any chemical into the water, the pools filter should be turned on.

There are water testing kits in the pool care section of some stores. In these kits, it has items that test the water to check for the calcium hardness. This simply means how hard or soft the water is. If the water is too “hard” or too “soft”, follow the package directions closely to determine how much calcium carbonate dehydrate to raise the calcium hardness, or how much sodium hexametaphosphate to lower it. You must also measure the alkalinity to see rather or not sodium bicarbonate, which is baking soda, to raise the level, or sodium bisulfate to lower it. Keep in mind too, that having the right pH balance, and chlorine level is pertinent. This too must be at the right setting
Pool care may seem like it may take a long time to do. But after you have finished, you will have much fun using your nice clean pool. Not only will you enjoy it, but so will your family and friends.

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