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Plant Care

Many people view plant care as something tedious and believing that they have a brown thumb. However, others view plant care as an excellent hobby, and that they have a green thumb. What ever your stand is, it should be known that plant care should not be a hard task to manage. A good rule to understand is that in order to keep plants staying alive and healthy, is not match the same kind of environment from which they originated. Trying to match the environment can be an important step in keeping your plant healthy.

When people think of plant care, they only think of watering, and giving their plant sunlight. Though true, more is also involved in its health. Temperature and the humidity can greatly affect the plants. If you garden tropical plants, the relative humidity 50%-70% with a warm climate. However, at times your home temperature may rise above 67 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity may drop a significant amount. This will usually result in a sick plant. There are many plants that call for different criteria for plant care. This is why many believe they have a brown thumb, and they kill all of their plants. In actuality, it may just because the temperature or the environment in which they have them is not accurate.

It is important to research different plants to see which would best suit you, and is easier to maintain plant care. There are plants that can be considered house plants that do very well inside of the home. For example, Succulents are very popular. These plants can grow very well in warmer and drier conditions. However, if you were to get an African violet, it is almost guaranteed that it will stop blooming if the temperature reaches below 60 degrees. Doing research on the type of plant or flower you want to have will save you much time and money, and will come to your benefit.

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