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Lawn Care

Having proper lawn care can ensure many great benefits, and a well maintained health lawn and landscape. Good lawn care helps beautify the neighborhood that you live in. Not only does the appearance look better, but it also creates a relaxing space for your entire family to enjoy. Studies have found that grassy areas affect people’s moods by creating a feeling of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness, or even happiness.

It is noted, front lawns of just eight average size houses, have the cooling effect of about 70 tons of air conditioning. Proper lawn care is also known to help in conservation of the ecosystem. Healthy lawns absorb rainfall approximately six times better than lawns that have dead grass, weeds, and other debris. Healthy lawns also help prevent the runoff and erosion of top soils that is important for soil nutrients. Healthy lawn care also helps you and your family not to be come sick. The soil traps in millions of tons of dust and dirt that is in the atmosphere. Lawns also help the purification process of water that is underground.

A lawn that is cared for can help speed up the recovery rate of some people who are hospitalized. Records show that patients who are hospitalized, recovery is quicker when their rooms had a view of a landscaped area, than patients who do not have this view.

When asked what the most important home care improvement is, sixty two percent of United States homeowners felt that investing their money into their lawns and landscaping was better than any other home improvement. According to buyers of homes, fifteen percent of a homes value is a proper and well maintained landscape. So all around, there is a definite importance to have a well kept lawn. Rather it is for health reasons, or even to beautify your surroundings.

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