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Care bears

The Care bears are cute cuddly bears that everyone loves. But do you know why teddy bears became so popular? It first began in America, and the craze went all the way to Germany. It all began with the American President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. President Theodore Roosevelt was on a trip to Louisiana and Mississippi, and his hosts took him hunting, in which he loved to do. Because the hunting was sparse, one of the hosts captured a bear cub and gave President Roosevelt the go ahead to shoot it. However, the President decline to do so. He would not shoot the cub.

The story of the President not shooting the cub got out to the public. A cartoonist depicted the story in a single frame cartoon. The cartoon was a hit. Store owners created a cute cuddly stuffed bear and called it “Teddy’s Bear”. They placed them in the front window of their stores. All over people wanted these teddy bears, and a demand for them was outrageous. Larger quantities were then ordered for the public. In Germany, the Steiff company created another stuffed bear that looked more like a real bear cub, and America also adopted this look, and that started a brand new teddy bear craze.

This now brings us to the Care bears. The Care Bears began in 1981. AMERICAN GREETINGS, which is a well known card and gift supply company created many popular characters. In 1981, they developed Strawberry Shortcake (being their number one priority), and the Care Bears (number two priority). In the beginning, there were only ten Care Bears: Bedtime, Birthday, Cheer, Friend, Funshine, Good Luck, Grumpy, Love-a-Lot, Tenderheart, and Wish. In 1983, the Care Bears movie came out. Three Care Bear Movies were made, and the gross income was over 33 million dollars to date.

In 1987, the original Care Bear toy line ended, after only four years. In 2003, the Care Bears made a comeback, and the new generation of children loves them just the same.

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