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Car Care

How you view your car can greatly depend on how you treat it and take care of it. If you view your car as only a means to get around, you may not view your car as a first priority. However, if you view your car as your prized possession, then no doubt you will take good care of your car. No matter how you feel about your car, proper maintenance of the car must be done in order for it to run effectively.

If you want car running and looking good as long as possible, there are preventive maintenance checks that should be done on a regular basis. Once a week when refueling your car, you should do under hood checks. Sometimes you may not be able to see a problem, but you can hear it. Every 3000 miles you should get an oil change and oil filter change. This helps your engine stay functioning. Another part of a good car care routine is to wash your car by hand every week if possible. Washing your car by hand will help alleviate scratches. If you have to go to a car washing facility, always use the brushless car wash system, and relies on high pressure for cleaning the car.

Car care maintenance also includes getting your tires rotated every 6,000 miles. This helps with the wear and tear of the tires. If you have a spare tire, include it in the tire rotation. Every 12,000 have your steering wheel and alignment adjusted. It is necessary sometimes to get your steering wheel and alignment beforehand if you feel that it is out of line. Tune ups are also very important for good health care.

With a good basic routine, and love for your car, it should be able to run for quite a while. Car care does take time to do, but, it is better than having to purchase a new one when you are not financially ready.

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