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Baby Care

Usually when you think of baby care, it is often associated with something a mother does for their baby. Fathers do help participate in the rearing of children, but the fact of the matter still remains, baby care is something some fathers shy away from. But, there are ways to get daddy’s to help out more with baby. Fathers helping out with their children help promote family bonding, and give mothers the much needed support they need.

First and for most, if at all possible, make sure that the father is there for the birth of his new baby. The bonding experience for the fathers can definitely grow here. In most facilities, the father is allowed to cut the baby’s umbilical cord. If the birth is by cesarean section, this gives the father an opportunity for him to spend time with his baby one on one while you are recovering. Something a mother can do to help the bond of fathers and their babies is to give them a unique task of his own. Some fathers have the responsibility of burping the baby after each bottle, take care of bath time, or even responsible for diapering.

Mothers need to be able to trust that the father can handle baby care. As long as everyone stays safe, there should not be any worries. In the beginning, he may not be able to handle all of the baby care tasks as efficient as you can, but that is not an issue. Not everyone has the same techniques as you do, but as long as the tasks get done, everything is all well.

It is fundamental that fathers take a share in the baby care routine. Cuddling their baby, playing with them, and sharing in their life are all apart of nurturing. Even when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night needing a diaper change, having the father participate in this is great. Not only will the mother appreciate the gesture, but also baby.

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